Jun 15, 2020

Morton Motion Denied...Again

As many of you know, bunk psychic and fraudster Sean David Morton is serving out a sentence in a federal prison after being convicted of multiple counts of fraud among other crimes.

Since the start of his legal ordeal, Morton filed a myriad of what can only be described as baffling and incoherent motions with the courts going so far as to Morton once declaring himself judge of his own court.  At one point during the trial, Morton was told to cease filing frivolous motions.

Since his conviction and being remanded to the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Morton continued filing motions for relief from his conviction and sentencing.

Since then, Morton has attempted to circumvent his responsibility by filing motions trying to get released from prison.  On June 1st, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled that all points Morton alleged were not of consequence and his appeal was denied.

Morton is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022.

"The court is familiar with the multitude of nonsensical pleadings [Morton] filed and stated in Court throughout the course of this criminal case, which has not abated since his conviction. [Morton]'s pattern of conduct of filing unintelligible pleadings began weeks after the initial indictment of defendants...The day [Morton] was released from his arrest, he filed unintelligible pleadings..."

-- Prosecutors in a sentencing recommendation for Sean David Moron

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Unknown said...

Thank you for keeping us update on the Morton case.Morton his such a bullshiter that he his capable to lie to himself.
He decided to become a FUGITIVE after he was guilty of ripping-off the IRS!End of story.

Bunk Psychic Released from Prison