Jun 25, 2017

Creatures, creatures, creatures

Every few years now it seems like we're seeing more of these sort of stories pertaining to supposed alien bodies or films of aliens or some never before seen creature...

The Roswell Slides farce.
The Roswell Slides:  A laughable and disasterous affair brought to you by none other than UFO salesman Jaime Maussan, disgraced Roswell investigator Don Schmidt, Richard Dolan, and others.  As has been the usual modus operandi of Maussan, claims of having the best experts conclude the images were of something unearthly, the whole affair was quickly unraveled by a group that simply and brilliantly used a free online deblurring tool to decipher a placard in the photo showing it to be a very earthly mummified body of a child from a museum.

Sirius:  Ata, the six-inch alleged alien in UFO/conspiracy wacko Steven Greer's documentary Sirius.  We were promised earth shattering info that would change the world.  In turn, all we got was a silly documentary and later learned DNA from Ata showed him to be human.

Alien Autopsy: Yes, who could ever forget promoter Ray Santilli's FOX Television special that eventually was exposed as a hoax.

Interview with an alien.
Area 51 Alien Interview:  Convicted felon and wanted fugitive Sean David Morton had a hand in this, automatically raising the bullshit meter to 99% positive.

Demon Fairy:  Jaime Maussan involved in another hoax.  Jaime Maussan was reported to have paid $10,000 for this bogus fairy.

Metepec Creature:  Yet another Jaime Maussan hoax.

The alleged Nazca mummy looks to be encased in plaster.
Was this shot outdoors?  You'd think anything purported as
being this important of a specimen would be in a temperature
controlled laboratory, not outside.

Now comes Nazca, the latest in what is supposed to be an alien...well, Gaia has been trying to balance the claim out but from the cast of characters we can see the scales are heavily being tipped toward extraterrestrial and Gaia is also calling it a "new species".

Food for thought:

1. Gaia is known for delivering content such as the ridiculous story about a military soldier who spent 17 years on a secret base on Mars and went to war with Martians.

2.  Jaime Maussan is involved.  When you hear Maussan's name associated with anything involving UFOs or the paranormal, stop and listen closely and you can hear the sounds of a toilet flushing and then overflowing.  Maussan likes to toss around his lengthy career as a journalist to try to lend some sort of credibility, but Maussan's past clearly shows he is not credible or trustworthy when it comes to matters of UFOs or the paranormal.  There was MUFON documentary floating around where Maussan got some pics of a UFO from a witness.  MUFON analyzed the pics and found they were faked...Maussan chose to believe the witness over the evidence.

3.  The truth isn't free at Gaia and if you want more info you'll need to subscribe to the site to keep up with news on the alleged mummy as Gaia apparently will slow roll the info out which means the longer it takes to release, the longer you have to subscribe.  No peer reviewed scientific journals to publish such an amazing discovery in?  Medical journals?  Archaeological journals?

Nazca mummy.
4.  There is no scientific evidence to support the claim this alleged mummy is in any way non-human, not one speck of evidence.  The elongated skull is nothing new to that region either.  Also, there is a Dr. Konstantin Korotkov involved and he appears to not be the most credible scientist around as his work specializes in Kirlian photography.  You know, taking pictures of people's auras and such.

It appears a regular doctor Maussan uses, Dr. Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, is also on board.  This is the same doctor who proclaimed the Roswell Slides showed an alien.

So far the Nazca Mummy is turning into a sideshow with the usual suspects promoting it and this will likely end in another hoax.

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